donderdag 27 januari 2011

Margaret de Patta – Modernist Art Jewelry, 1930s–1960s.

Neckpiece, c. 1954–1960 Enclosed precious stones and gem plaques within crystal

Pendant, c. late 1940s
Yellow gold, onyx with rutilated quartz

Brooch, c. 1954–1960 Sterling with rock crystal, engraved and partly colored black

Bracelet, c. 1930s
Forged sterling; one of de Patta’s earliest pieces

Margaret de Patta (1903–1964) was a studio jewelry trailblazer. The first contemporary jeweler on the West Coast, she drew on the Modern art movement for inspiration, particularly Constructivism and Bauhaus design. Ms. de Patta developed entirely new concepts in working with gemstones and created unique cuts that had not been utilized before. A founding member of the Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco, de Patta also produced designs for ceramics and flatware. Her work is housed in a number of museums. Oakland Museum of California sums up de Patta’s work quite nicely, “…miniature sculpture that moved with its wearer”.

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