vrijdag 28 januari 2011


Arbus' artistic carrer initiated in 1959 when she began studying photography with Lissete Model. With her new and innovative style, Diane recieved the Guggenheim felowship in 1963 as well as in '66. A year after her first fellowship, her work was recognized by John Szarkowski who formed Arbus' first exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. As Arbus' career progressed, a portfolio of 10 photographs was made in 1970 that created her first series of limited editions. While at the top of Diane's progression in the art world and her ongoing exploration of the limits of photographic art, her carrer was smashed to an immediate end by her suicide on July 26th, 1971.

Arbus' work impacts the photography world with a sharp attack on the boundaries of what is considered to be "proper" or "tasteful" art. In 1972, Diane Arbus was the first American photographer to be exhibited at the Venice Biennale.

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