vrijdag 23 maart 2012


The 2012 Collection is a venture through dreamlike landscapes. The inspiration is drawn from mythology and tales, playing with escapist and Romantic fantasies. The collection makes up an odyssey of imagnination, mystique and poetry, switching between dreams and reality, thus welcoming Dark Knights, Pale Moons, Magic Hours and Misty Mountains.
Combining fragile and organic structures with an aesthetic influenced by futurism and geometry, the collection sets to blend ancient tales with modern mythologies of sci-fi and their futuristic imagery; invoking concepts like timetravel, parallel universes and space distortion. Through a pale, at times translucent colour palette, natural materials like feathers and horsehair are juxtaposed with iridescent colours, industrial structures and mutated shapes. All pieces are handmade.
The Classic line is all 925 silver with precious stones and 18 carat gold platings.
A trademark is the use of uncut diamonds, raw crystals and precious stones with a natural finish.
The Odyssey line is bronze based with 18 carat gold and rhutinium platings. Intimate parts, such as earring studs, are solid 925 silver. All materials like opals, crystals, feathers and horsehair are 100 % natural and obtained in
accordance to environmental preservation.

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